Monday, October 4, 2010

Singing to You Over My Shoulder......♪♪

  I've given up on my kind-of-sorta-not-really-but-it'd-be-cool-dream of updating the blog on a daily basis. I have also decided to not do the whole, "ok. Now what crafty thing should I blog about......" way of blogging. From now on I am just going to blog about whatever is on my mind. So say good-bye to false promises of a daily blog, and hello to randomness that might have you worried.

Confession about my true feelings for Math:

  I love math. It's unorthodox, but true. Even when I was little I would do math in my head to help me fall asleep. I still do math problems in my head, but usually only when I'm upset, because it helps me to calm down. Now math class is a-whole-nother issue. I hate math class. It is sooooo boring. I have so many memories of people slamming their books on my desk because I was sleeping.

And in regards to the title of this blog post I give you.....*drum roll*......

That's pretty much it for now.


Matthew said...

Haha! That works, looking forward to seeing how you "roll"... ;)

Matthew said...

Loved having you guys here btw, hopefully it will happen again soon... :)

Tim said...

Nathaniel loves math too. He said he had a headache last week so he did math problems to help his headache go away :). I told him he defintely gets that from his father, lol.