Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lists, Yiroshima Battles the Pink Robots part 1

  I like writing in lists. It keeps me from rambling and all I have to think of are one to two sentence statements, which is very nice when I've just woken up and all I'm capable of is cave woman here's a list:

1. I recently got bangs. My mom cut them and did a really good job. Here's props mom and thanks for the bangs. :D

2. I sleep on the couch, so waking up can be "interesting" at times. Like when I wake up to two tiny giggling kids sitting on me, or someone is trying to see how many things they can throw at me before i wake up.

3. I find it kind of crazy how I can't say 'I love twilight' without people automatically assuming that I'm talking about sparkling "vampires".

4. I love painting. a lot.

5. Best song title ever---> Yiroshima Battles the Pink Robots part 1 by the Flaming Lips

6. My one year-old sister LOVES to scream. I don't love this about her, even though she's completely adorable.

7. I finally made myself an account on Pandora....which rocks my socks.

  That's it for now. Nothing ground breaking, just trying to keep up with this. :D


Tim said...

I love Pandora, use it all the time at work! I have many different stations for different times!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you're blogging again! Yes! :D

Petra said...

1. Glad you like them - they look amazing. :)

2. We really need to get you a new mattress. lol

6. Yeah, she really needs to realize the screaming thing isn't funny to anyone else. :)

The Individual said...

haha love you

Matthew said...

Glad you are blogging again!! :)