Friday, October 29, 2010

Details (bulleted)

> I like the subway. It's relaxing and it's crazy fun to people watch. I don't why, but it just is.

> Yesterday we helped Urban Impact with their free English classes. One in the morning and a bible study English class at night. I was able to get to know two of the women who take these classes. Kellsung (sp?), who is from Tibet, and Miriam, who is from Guatemala. They were both so sweet and we had a ton of fun being silly and trying to understand each other. Miriam's been taking these English classes for about a month, but she's been in the U.S. since '93. (Which is my birth year :) .) Kellsung's been taking the classes off and on for about year, but I'm not sure when she moved here. Kellsung was in the morning and evening class, and I met Miriam in the evening Bible study class.

> The Hindus worship many many many many many......many "gods". It's really sad. And they do it mostly out of fear that they'll be destroyed if they don't.

> I don't understand why they're so many people who go on and on about how rude new yorkers are. I mean I'm sure that they're are those here who are rude, (just like every other place in the entire world), but on a whole, I just don't see it.

> There is a beach in New York.

> I am not a huge fan of cold beaches.

> Pastor Josh spilled water all over himself on the subway.

> I've been having an amazing time, and would really like to come back up here in the summer to do some more work. If at all possible.

> I would love it if everyone would continue praying. :D


Joshua Goodling said...

Cool - glad you're having a good time. I am praying for you and the group.

Petra said...

Loving the updates!! Keep 'em coming! Been praying all the time!

Jackie said...

Yep.... I'm praying for ya too!!

But trust me... folks in New York are rude for the most part. Have you tried to get a taxi yet or cross one of the busy streets... people will mow you down and not even feel bad. Be careful.

And keep up the great work!!

The Individual said...

Not with what I've experienced Jackie. It's not that they're rude, the're just trying to get where they're going and they're "on a mission" lol. They'll be rude if I act rude to them, but love always gets through

Petra said...

I love how you always see the good in people, Britta. You're awesome!