Friday, October 29, 2010

I Know It's Friday.....

I know it's Friday and I didn't do a post about yesterday, but it is coming. We're about to start our day and head out, so I just have a little time to do a brief synopsis of what we did yesterday. Hopefully I will end up having the time today to update the blog about yesterday in detail, as well as today.

Brief Summary: 

   Yesterday we took the subway up to Queens (about an hour long ride). Went to go teach English. Went on a prayer walk, which included a Hindu Emporium. (we were in a place nicknamed "little India", more details later). We did some office type work to help out the ministry here. Then got dinner and  helped with the evening ESL class, then left at around 9 pm? I wanna say.

  Today I know we're are going to end up doing more construction oriented work and possibly visiting with an Indian pastor, but I'm not sure of all the details. I'll share more later.

  And please continue praying. God's been listening and we watched him bless what was done yesterday and it was amazing.


Joshua Goodling said...

Thanks for the update! Always awesome to see God answering prayer!! :-) He is amazing! :-)

Petra said...

I can't wait to hear all the stories in detail without making you repeat everything you say on a broken connection! :)

Jackie said...

Ohhhh great people watching on the subway!!! Just don't stare too long when they start talking to themselves... people are a bit coocoo there!! :)))