Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010.....Post #2

  I have just taken a shower and gotten ready for bed and am currently enjoying relax/free time.........exciting right? But I am taking this opportunity to share more details about all that is going on and how the trip up here went. :D

 So this morning started out with waking up slightly before 5 am, and wasn't as bad as I thought. Got picked up at 5:45 by Pastor James and Mrs. Angela, then went to the church to wait for Mr. James and Mrs. Becky. Once we were on the road Pastor Josh stopped at the first Starbucks that we came to in Cary. (which of course is a great big surprise) ; ) We drove up through Virginia and the capital, and got to see the Washington memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the Pentagon, and went over the Potomac, which was pretty cool. Then we went up through Maryland (where we stopped for lunch at Panera), New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
  Once we got to New York we had to drive through Staton Island.......No lie, some of the Graffitti was ridiculously awesome. We got to Brooklyn to the Missions House we're staying at which, as I said before, is run by the sweetest people ever. It's Barry Lawrence, his wife Lynette, and their two daughters.

  We walked up to the subway station to get passes that'll last us all week and then got ourselves some dinner. We stopped at an organic grocery store that's on the corner of the next block, so that I could get some dinner to's amazing, I want one in Sanford. P. Josh and Mr. James went to grab sushi and Barry got pizza for every one, while Mrs. Angela, Mrs. Becky, and I went back to the house.

  We got to talk to and get to know Barry and his family while we ate dinner and some of the work they have been doing up here's amazing. Sadly though, my typing skills and limited time do not allow me to share all that they're involved with.

  Tomorrow the main thing, that is planned, is that we'll be working with muslims, teaching them English and trying to share the gospel with them. So please be praying for that.

       on a side note, I was informed on the drive up here that we would be singing, publicly............please pray for that as well.....

more later....


Joshua Goodling said...

Thanks for the update! I have been and will certainly continue praying for you and everyone involved! Have a great time!

Petra said...

Love the update! Glad you found some food - remember to eat often enough and avoid too much corn syrup! :) ;)

And yeah - that camera you have has a camcorder function... gonna need you to get someone to record the singing. I mean, I know you CAN sing well, but I also know how much you love singing in public, so yeah - record that. ;)

Anonymous said...

Did you notice Lincoln's hands on the Lincoln memorial? I just found out from my interpreter a month ago that the artist created Lincoln's hands in the fingerspells of "A" and "L" for his name, Abraham Lincoln.

Jackie said...

Ugh... 5 am is early!! And yep graffitti can be amazing... buy why can't they put that stuff on canvas??? Why do they need to tag other people property??? Makes no sense to me!!

I went to Washington when I was 10... LOVED IT ALL!!!

oh yes, please record the singing!!

The Individual said...

sorry there was no chance to record the singing. :) when we sing it's just to praise the Lord. and yes 5am = ugh haha